T. Boone Pickens, 80 year old Texas oil tycoon is building the world’s largest wind farm in the Texas panhandle. The cost is $10 billion, plus he will spend $2 billion on transmission lines. At 4000 megawatts, it will serve 1.3 million homes. www.loe.org

Don’t mess with Texas Wind.

Please contact Premier Wall and Ministers Chevaldayoff and Heppner and tell them we want a REAL debate on energy policy. Wind power test sites, incentives for solar such as in Ontario, one desk, efficient net metering services, passive solar subdivisions, building codes to R-2000 standard, re-instate the Office of Energy Conservation and make it an active, major force, import hydro from Manitoba for baseload power if needed after ENERGY CONSERVATION. This would make heat pumps more environmentally friendly. Make over Sask Power into a power to the people force- decentralized as much as possible- rather than a monolithic cash cow. Educate the public and create imaginative incentives. Just a few ideas.
We do not need nuclear power. It is an expensive and dangerous way to boil water. Temperatures reach 6000 degrees F. and require huge amounts of water to cool, releasing carcinogenic tritium into our water supplies. It will cost Britain 73 Billion Pounds to decommission their old reactors. The life span of a company is much shorter than the the lifespan of radioactive materials. WE will be left holding the bag. Ask yourself how much insurance nuclear plants can get from the private sector- should tell us it’s a bad deal.
Tarsands- WE do not need it. 80% of any oil must go to the U.S. by the proportionality clause of NAFTA. There is only an 8-9 year supply of natural gas in Western Canada- which once again we have to send to the U.S. under NAFTA plus use huge amounts of it to steam out the dirty oil for them. WOULD IT NOT MAKE MORE SENSE TO RESERVE THE GREATER PORTION OF GAS TO HEAT OUR HOMES? The major profits will go elsewhere and will will be left with the mess as usual.
Air, water and soil- all essential to life. Money- you cannot breathe it, drink it or eat it. Do we choose our short term self interest or our longer term self interest?

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-Message from Mike Bray