We Are Not For Sale

March 18, 2008

Whether we’re looking at the environment, the plights of Aboriginal peoples, climate change, health problems, drug addiction and suicide, nuclear power, or oil sovereignty, the Saskatchewan Tar Sands Truth Project is a movement, a body, and a principle aimed at critically analysing the effects of oil sands mining. Join us in speaking out against the detrimental effects of an unsustainable industry on our province, country, and planet.


Under a new conservative government, we have all the more reason to be worried about our place in the global energy race. Sask Party leader and Premier Brad Wall has wasted no time in consulting with the business elite of Alberta and Washington over our oil reserves. But should Saskatchewan, too, be enslaved by the demands of our American neighbours, who currently consume over 70% of Canadian oil? Left with little to no energy security, and having to import oil from places such as Iraq and Libya, as well as the nightmarish environmental catastrophe, Canada must look at the real cost of such development.

Please feel free to use this site as a space to discuss issues of concern regarding the tar sands industry–specifically in terms of Saskatchewan. Articles, photos, and discussion threads are all welcome.

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