A group of people concerned with and opposed to unsafe and unsustainable oil sands development in Saskatchewan. Hopefully it will serve as an organizational hub for anti-tar sands actions and general consciousness-raising on the issue.


6 Responses to “About”

  1. christine regnier said

    big thanks for the effort put into creating this page. It looks great!

  2. Let’s all attract free energy to ourselves shall we?

    Indian in the machine

    New videos

  3. anonymous me said

    I thought there would be some informative information, so that people could become more informed about actual impacts that tar sands in Saskatchewan will have. There must be some real facts/numbers/concerns from the effects incrued in Alberta. We can all assume the effects on tar sand development, but lets get some facts and statements to drive the point home on this website.

  4. Lois said

    Thanks for doing this. You (we) are off to a great start.

  5. Bob said

    There is some good information on http://www.canadasoilsands.com if you want to incorporate it on to your blog. The Forum discussions on Fort Chip and the Toxic Tailings Ponds are quite informative.

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